About Ofir's Carpentry

Ofir Eizen, expert carpenter, whose workshop is located in Aminadav in the Jerusalem hills, specializes in designing and building furniture for homes and businesses in the entire central region of Israel. With over 16 years of practical experience, Ofir works in a variety of fields and with a vast selection of materials.

His team members – Noam, Andrei and Nadav – professionally join sections of wood, meticulously follow up on every detail, and instill a sense of love and creativity into their work.
All specialize in the design and production of kitchens, bathrooms, bookcases, display cabinets, walk-in closets, children’s bedrooms and office furniture for home and institutional use.
Furniture is carefully planned and designed on computer and manufactured with the highest quality materials and outstanding level of finish.
Ofir serves private customers, interior designers, architects, and large organizations. His customers enjoy professional advice, fair prices and personal service. Ofir also ensures speedy delivery and punctuality.

Ofir and his team keep up to date with the latest technological and design developments in the field, in order to maintain modern, high standards of work. Their vast experience enables them to respond to all their clients’ needs, with a creative and comprehensive approach, down to the last detail.
Ofir has studied extensively and specializes in the field of design, and the design of kitchens in particular. Ofir offers a variety of solutions for open spaces – both in design and implementation. He also specializes in combining various materials and disciplines, such as marble, plaster, plumbing, welding, etc., thus minimizing expenses and time-consuming coordination between various workers.

The planning and design process is conducted with the client, enabling maximum flexibility and adaptability to the client’s special needs.
Ofir and his team offer complete service and a professional guarantee, even long after the completion of their work.
Ofir Eizen does not have a showroom, rather he says:

“Our display area is found in the homes of our clients, who in general are very happy to show our work to all those interested. The advantage of visiting the clients is that you can see the furniture in use, and test their durability and efficiency. You can also get a first-hand opinion from our satisfied customers regarding planning, service and work.”